TEST: ¿ Que ser magico eres ?


Soy un Ghoul *_* 

Si quieres saber que eres tú, entra aquí:


Your Ally would be a GHOUL!
The Ghoul was an evil spirit that robbed graves and feed upon the corpses of humans.
Some occultists believe that the Ghoul superstition comes from wild animals that disturb graves at night.
Others believe that the origin is the terror of death in the lonely desert. In Hinduhism the counterpart to the Ghoul is the Vetala.
These days the Ghoul is commonplace in movies.
Your ally is a ghoul because your dark, lonely, mischievious, huomorous, aggressive and clever. Summoning demons and spirtis from beyond the grave, you would prefer the power to talk to the dead and control hells demons. With these powers you would be unbeatable, exactly what you already are. Your style consists of a hoodie and a pair of baggy jeans, you like to wear something dark and cozy. Sometimes you may get a little highstrung, but people see you as interesting and cool
colors: black, blue, red, purple

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